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The factory is introduced:
Port of doors and Windows to follow "for the channel and, for the product" concept, set up in foshan new doors and Windows manufacturing base, factory is located in the Windows and doors industrial cluster in our country the highlands - foshan lion mountain industrial trade and industry park.
Factory with "a factory a card a boutique, a free" three high three low position, to do a series of super narrow aluminium alloy door, window broken bridge landscape products, for exporters, exhibition hall, designers and other distributors services.
The factory state:
The first: through faith world view life values.
The second: minimalism younger concise im activation.
Third: energy-saving technology penetration value promotion quality improve efficiency in the fourth, no traction with my management can help end synergy together.
Factory equipment:
Used as the accuracy of the clock to punch a hole, with a combined custom saw cutting 45 degrees and 90 degrees, put an end to the Windows and doors on page 3 mm standard tolerance of how it works