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Market prospects

Where does the 250 billion Chaoyang Market come from?
In the past 20 years, the construction and decoration industry has developed rapidly, far faster than the growth rate of GDP in the same period.
In the sub-industry, the China Association of Building Decoration Materials stated that the demand for doors and Windows markets in China is more than 500 million square meters per year, which is equivalent to the use of 4 European markets; In the future, it will continue to grow at a rate of 11 % per year, and it is expected that the output value in 2015 will reach 235 billion yuan;
At present, China has become the world's largest market for the production and use of doors and Windows. Every year, 500 million square meters of urban buildings are completed in China, 600 million square meters of rural buildings and 700 million square meters of public buildings. According to the ratio of 10 % of doors and 20 % of Windows, which together accounts for 30 %, China has more than 500 million square meters of doors and Windows market every year.
In recent years, China's architectural decoration industry has developed rapidly, with an annual growth rate of nearly 20 %. Low-carbon environmental protection will become the development trend of architectural decoration industry in the future.

Profit model

  • Membership Protection and Conditions

Membership security

Regional guarantees: Only one city is authorized to protect the right of the city to join the exclusive benefit of the region;
Price security: Implement the unified pricing standard system of the company;
Order Protection: Brand integration marketing, overall brand promotion planning, customer order localization services;
Policy guarantees: The information communication policy of the inter-regional franchisor without hierarchy and first time, the city points enjoy the proportional exchange system such as the company's listed options.
Exit protection: "Normative operation + margin return" zero-risk measures, so that franchisees easy to enter, safe exit, flexible management;

Membership Requirements

1, Internet service concept, home building materials industry experience;
2, not less than 10 Mu production base, not less than 2 production lines;
3, after joining, set up at least one experience hall in January;
4, the company authorized brand and product pricing system to franchisees;
5, in the image and operation of the company's management and supervision;

Staffing and operational quality

1, has a strong spirit of entry, good management philosophy and terminal operation ability;
2, has a certain amount of financial strength and human resources, and good credit;
3,There are risks to any investment, and they are correct for the risks and benefits of investing in doors, Windows and ports
Awareness and adequate psychological preparation;